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September 11, 2014

how do you stay inspired? who inspires you?


whether it's reading a book or my favorite blogs or scripture, words have power. they invigorate my soul and inspire me to create, breathe, love, and live.

take a nature walk.
about once a week, i unplug from social media and take a walk up to the pasture. it clears my brain and gives me fresh perspective. i've noticed a lot of my best ideas happen when my mind isn't so cluttered with instagram and twitter and emails.

make to-do lists.
i write everything down. pens & post-it notes & paper products make me swoon. [i'm also a nerd.] when i am feeling uninspired, i grab a pen & paper and jot down a happy list. when chaos seems to overtake my brain, i make a to-do list. when i am intentional about writing a list, i am inspired to take action to make things happen.

set goals.
this is something new for me, and i am reaping its benefits more and more each day. i am more motivated and procrastinate a little less. but like i've said before, it's not about checking off all the boxes, but challenging myself.

i doubt i have to explain how awesome pinterest is for inspiration or lack thereof.

carry a journal.
sometimes i get good ideas at the most random time/places. when i am inspired, i jot down ideas in my blog journal

women who go against the norm of society and teach love, modesty, patience, and worth found in Jesus. ladies who share the gritty and messy parts of life. women supporting other women. stories of redemption, grace, and God's faithfulness. people who overcome their circumstances instead of becoming a product of them. bloggers who show a vulnerable side, not just their immaculately designed homes. my family and friends. flowers. smiling strangers. coffee. [that's not a who, but ya know.]

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