Wednesday, September 10, 2014

T E N // ten things.

list ten things you love about yourself! let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

one  //  the ability to always find good in everything.
the glass is always half-full. it's not that i am a positive person - i am aware of what's going on in this broken world. the news isn't filled with happy things these days. and i don't compare the bad things in my life to a terrible situation of another person to make myself feel better. i have hope as sure and steadfast as an anchor in the One who saved my soul. life is not peachy keen, but there is joy in Jesus.

two  //  my photography skills.
though i've learned those skills over the years, i credit my talent to God. at one of the lowest points in my life, He picked me up, dusted me off, and brought beauty out of the ashes. He showed me not only that i am loved, but that i have purpose. photography is my passion.

three  //  my zero-tolerance attitude towards dating.
my desire to be married is strong, but even stronger is the desire to marry a man of God. i could easily take matters in my own hands and find a guy, but i trust that God is working in my waiting. in the meantime, i won't date just to date. i won't settle for mr. right now. dating different people is a fickle practice that my heart cannot handle.

four  //  my insanely awesome dance moves.
in my head, i can break it down with the best of them. in reality, i probably look like a combination of steve urkel & carlton banks.

five  //  having my own opinion.
this might sound like a strange quality to like about oneself. i get that. but for most of my life, i was the opposite. i silently nodded in agreement with other people, even if i disagreed. i shied away from sharing my thoughts on certain topics because i didn't want to make anyone mad. my need to please everyone was suffocating. these days, i will give it to you straight up. if you ask for my opinion, it may not be popular or what people want to hear, but it's my opinion.

instead of listing five more things i like about myself, i will conclude with viewpoints of the three people [and one furball] who mean the world to me and have known me the longest - my parents & brother. boomer also chimes in, and if you've been around her for more than five minutes, you know her response is 100% true.

six  //  mama: your honesty.

seven //  daddy: your smile.

eight  //  bubba:  you're always there for me.

nine  //  daddy had one more: i love that you're an OU fan. [you raised me right, daddy!]

ten  //  boomer: i love when you leave the house, when you go to sleep, and when you take a shower - because that means you are not bugging me and picking me up and telling me how cute i am.

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