T W E L V E // tradition.

tell us about a favorite tradition.

i have many traditions i could write about for today's prompt: the joy and richness of the holidays. celebrations and birthdays and the little things sprinkled throughout the year. valentine's day with lovely ladies. but one of my favorites - it is so special to my heart. 


if you've followed me for any length of time on social media, you know good and well that i am a die-hard sooner fan. win or lose, rain or shine, good or bad, i am loyal to the crimson & cream. the history, the atmosphere on gameday - it gives me goosebumps. 

but it's special for another reason. since i can remember, every saturday from september to december has been spent alongside one of the greatest men i know - my daddy. football season is our daddy/daughter tradition. our texts consist of 99.9% football. the other 1% is usually okc thunder or other sooner sports. we have went to the home opener four years in a row. when we don't get tickets, we watch the game at home. it's a known fact in our household that come game-time - the couch is mine, the chair is daddy's. he and i are soft-spoken individuals, but when the sooners are playing, we are LOUD. [and on the rare times they lose, we just need space, okay?] it's all in good fun, but these times are more than just watching football to me. it's daddy/daughter time. we have a close relationship and football just adds a fun element to it. it's a tradition that i look forward to every year. 


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