the wichita collective.

i moved to wichita in march of twenty-fifteen. jared and i were newly married, and i was living in a new city/state - far outside of my small-town oklahoma comfort zone. 

i needed my gps to get everywhere [for far too long, but let's ignore that fact.] 

but i knew this city had depth + stories to tell + adventures for me.

i've been an official resident for over a year now, and i often get asked if i'm liking it - to which i reply; I LOVE IT! most people who have lived here for awhile ask me - often with a confused, skeptical look - why?

the wichita collective is my answer to that question.

i want to share the places + spaces that make wichita great. coffee shops [obviously], locally owned restaurants + businesses, landmarks, etc. i want to meet new people and listen to their stories and make friends.

follow my adventures on instagram as i explore this city of mine


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