Thursday, September 1, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day one

hey, y'all! my name is amber. 

the Gospel changed my life. my husband and i eloped in vegas after two months of dating. wildflowers are my love language. i am fiercely dedicated to coffee. i grew up in a small town in oklahoma, but wichita, kansas is the place i call home now. my passions are photography, blogging, creating, and reading. my favorite seasons are spring, fall, and football. [boomer sooner!] other interests include: bible study, hanging out at coffee shops, random adventures with husband, and convincing others that the 90s will always be the best decade.

WILDBLOOM is a space to channel my creative side as well as document my life. my hope is that my words and photos will reflect Jesus. it's not a feel-good kind of faith. it's not about religion. it's about Jesus. from the first word to the last, the bible points to a Savior. i want my life - my story - to always point to the One who saved my soul. i don't always have the perfect words to write, but what i bring to the table is my mess + my junk and share how Jesus is redeeming me in the middle of it all.

introduce yourself in the comments. i looooove meeting new blogging friends! you can follow me socially here:
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