101 in 1001

start date:  OCTOBER 1, 2016   //   end date:  JUNE 29, 2019

bold: completed  //  italics: in progress 


-  work thru four in-depth studies of the Word
-  be intentional with advent
help out with infants + babies during servies. i started this in fall of 2016. eeekk, gimme da babies. :)


-  have my art published
-  sell 2 pieces of my work
-  document a day in my life in photos
-  photograph a field of sunflowers
-  participate in the 100 days of happy challenge
-  shoot with film [1 roll]
-  take a photo in a photo booth
-  enter my work in a photography competition
-  photograph the keeper of the plains
-  offer a few free photos sessions


-  take a road trip to OKC //  here + here
-  take a road trip to see monument rocks
-  visit strataca [underground salt mine in hutch]
-  go to the state fair
visit the kansas cosmosphere + space center
-  ride a ferris wheel
visit the sedgwick co. zoo  //  here
-  go hiking
shoot a gun
-  visit tanganyika
-  take a big vacation with jared [cruise, maybe?]
-  explore three kansas state parks
-  visit a few of the eight wonders of kansas
watch transformers: the last knight


-  revamp 'about me' section
-  participate in the blogtember challenge
-  write a guest post for another blogger
-  start a monthly link-up


read thirty books
-  re-read all the harry potter books
-  read two classics
-  read two autobiographies
-  read the chronicles of narnia series
listen to one audiobook  //  big little lies


-  fill a bullet journal from the first to last page
-  write a short story
-  write two poems
-  journal thru fifty questions that will free your mind
-  make a list of 100 things that make me happy



try a macaron
-  make a homemade side/dessert for the holidays
visit every coffee shop in wichita
-  eat at a food truck
-  make a pinterest recipe
-  buy someone's meal
-  make homemade chili
-  bake a pie from scratch
collect recipes


-  get my eyebrows waxed
-  rock a crazy lipstick
-  get a massage
-  maintain a healthy weight
-  wear fake lashes for fun
-  run one mile [without walking]
-  get a facial
-  learn cat-eye liner
-  find/learn my style + make fashion my own


set intentional goals each month, even if it's just one goal
purge our home of every unnecessary item
-  take a dance class with husband
register to vote in kansas 
-  plant flowers around our home
-  make a floral watercolor painting
-  go to the drive-in
-  decorate my office at work
-  go bowling with friends
-  finish this list! [add 25 more tasks]
have a baby //  june 29, 2017
-  send five thank-you notes to others 
-  print photos for home + office
-  buy a wichita flag


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