Wednesday, October 5, 2016

gilmore girls + luke's diner

netflix picked two hundred coffee shops to be apart of their gilmore girls celebration of their first episode back on october 5th, 2000. the shops were transformed into luke's diner, which is a very frequented place in the series. when i found out the reverie was one of the coffee shops, I FREAKED OUT, Y'ALL. 

sorry for yelling. i get passionate about these things.
and i bought two lattes because i'm out of control.

i woke up two hours before my normal time today + left the house before the sun came up.
i stood in line for an hour and a half catching up with a couple of old work friends.
and y'all - it was the best.
even though i arrived an hour early, there was still a decent line when i pulled up. everyone was giddy with excitement at the chance to be part of the gilmore girls' birthday celebration.

i sipped on my salted caramel latte as i drove to work, thankful for this city and its places + spaces. 


"do you like coffee?"
"only with my oxygen." - lorelai gilmore

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