the great purge + a 2020 goal + baked goods.

-  this week, i started what i've jokingly deemed the great purge. i started with my clothes + shoes. next will be jackson's clothes + toys, followed by the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. little by little, i hope to go through each area of our home and rid our space of the excess.

-  little lion cafe is one of my favorite spots in wichita right now.

-  one of my goals for this year is to take a photo each day of the year. i am challenging myself to take the photo horizontally, since all my photos are vertical. i am trying to decide how to share the photos. i'm thinking weekly on the blog.

-  these oatmeal whoopie pies look so good! (minus the raisins because EW.)

-  unpopular opinion: nuts + raisins do not belong in baked goods. and the corner slices of brownies belong in the trash.

-  we welcomed the new year by sleeping. lolz. jared + i both were fighting colds all week, so he was asleep by nine + me by eleven. that's okay though. we woke up the next morning and drank coffee together.


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