Sunday, January 19, 2020

grocery shopping + eyeliner + the good list

-  i bought a hot chocolate mix recently. i could never get it all mixed up very well. i had the bright idea to put it all in my magic bullet before i heated it up, and i am convinced it's my most brilliant idea ever. (this is not a new idea, i realize. i'm just proud of myself.) it was so creamy + frothy + i topped it with these marshmallows.

-  i finished another audiobook this week. (affiliate link)

-  i bought a new planner for the year, and (like most people) i started out the first week doing great, but after the second or third week, it has sat untouched, no writings for days. then i remembered that the pages of my planner can be taken out and put back in! now i have the week's spread sitting next to me at my desk while i work, and it has been a game-changer! (also- please know that i loathe the stupid phrases throughout the planner, but the layout is the reason i bought it.)

-  walmart didn't have the eyeliner i needed, so they substituted it for a waterproof one. i decided to accept it, and now i am so glad i did! i will be buying waterproof eyeliner from now on. (i use this eye makeup remover.)

-  speaking of walmart- we bought groceries on saturday and spent almost $200. two hundred flippin' dollars on FOOD. i took to instagram to ask everyone how much they spend on groceries every week. we definitely spend above average than most of those who responded. one of my goals for this year is to get a grocery budget in place, so this was an eye-opener to the changes we can make. (i welcome any + all tips for grocery shopping.)

-  tsh released her new podcast, the good list. each week, she shares short episodes about stuff she's loving lately.

-  remember that puzzle i linked in last week's recap post? i found it at the mall this week for half off!

-  week three of my 2020 in photos.

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