puzzles + an audiobook + a big boy bed.

-  i am slowly becoming a tea drinker. (if you have a favorite, let me know!)

-  jackson got a big boy bed this week. i really hadn't given it a second thought until i tucked him in bed. as i turned around to shut the door, i glanced back at him. my chest tightened up. tears filled my eyes. my baby is becoming a big boy, and it made me a little sad.

-  i completed a puzzle over the holidays, and now i want to quit my job + do puzzles all day + drink coffee. this state flower stamp puzzle looks fun + so does this retro kitchen puzzle.

-  i started this audiobook this week + finished it on saturday. i forget how much i love listening to books.

-  we went to homegrown after church on sunday morning, and the honey bee latte was life changing.

-  i am working my way through this two year bible plan.

-  my parents gifted me an instant pot for christmas. i made shredded chicken for tacos, and it only took 20 minutes! i am so excited because now when i get home from work, i can make dinner quickly. (if you have any favorite IP recipes, send them my way!)

-  i mentioned in last week's post that i was slowly de-cluttering working my way through our entire house. this week, i cleaned our linen cabinet, the refrigerator, + one of our kitchen cabinets.

-  i was uncharacteristically hoping for snow this weekend, and we only got a trace. such a bummer.

-  uncharacteristically is a really long word.

-  we took down our christmas tree this week. we usually leave our trees up until late january, but since we got our new dining room table, i was eager to get the space back to normal.


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