-  i have long thought crumbl cookie was overrated, but then i had the oreo crumbl cookie + OMG. 

-  one of my favorite memories from this summer will be evening swims with our neighbors.

-  why, whyyyyyy, do i always put my hair up in a super cute top knot right before bed?! i could spend half an hour on trying to recreate the same style, and it would never be as cute. 

-  a car next to me was bumping loudly with the bass, and i was highly annoyed. does this mean i can draw social security now?

-  i attended parent orientation at jackson's school this week. i treated myself to a decaf pumpkin spice frapp. 

-  if you're local to ICT, you have to visit clifton collective. such a cute shop with locally-made merchandise. there's a small corner of their shop dedicated to prayer cards; write a prayer + take a prayer. i teared up as i wrote out my prayer + grabbed someone else's. prayer changes things + it changes me. 

-  the medical bill fiasco i mentioned in last week's post has been . . . i don't want to say a blessing, but the things i am learning through this process are so valuable beyond the ins + outs of medical billing. i have more compassion + empathy + understanding. but anything that pushes me toward Jesus is a good thing, so yes- i suppose it's been a "good" hard thing.

-  jared took me to old town for a little birthday weekend shopping trip. we ate delicious food + shopped. 

-  i *think* i am going to write a post on how i bullet journal. i've posted about it before [here + here], but i have changed several things, so an update is in order.  

-  as i am finishing up this blog post, the rain is falling softly, i am curled up in cozy blankets while drinking a pumpkin cold brew, + harry potter is playing in the background. a perfect sunday afternoon, if you ask me. 


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