recipes / foodie favs:

-  cold brew with a splash of sweet cream.
-  watermelon w/tajin 
-  crumbl cookie (oreo is the best flavor)
-  sushi from my fav restaurant 

listened to:
-  drama queens (OTH episode recap podcast)
-  "come back home" - petey martin + lauren daigle 
-  "rest on us" - maverick city music, upperroom, + brandon lake
-  several episodes of relatable with allie beth stuckey 

-  "survive the night" - r. sager  //  4 stars
-  "the maidens" - a. michaelides  //  4 stars

-  i rewatched the first 3 seasons of one tree hill. 
-  lots of old thriller movies. 

making me happy:   cold brew + sweet cream  •  pinterest  •  my bullet journal  •   blogging  •  new notebooks  •  cozy sweatshirts + shorts  •  dreaming of fall  •  cleaning tiktoks 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  i got my hair done. i am working my way back to blonde. brunette was fun for a bit, but it's time to be blonde again.

-  i decided to move my "weekly musings" posts to the blog. instagram (and social media in general) are too loud sometimes. and i really want to bring blogging back. i miss the way it used to be, so why not make it that way again? you can find all the blog posts here (this has been a recurring post for several years). 

-  we went out on my BIL's boat. watching the sunset on a boat is an experience.

-  we met jackson's new teacher for pre-k. he is so excited!

-  i celebrated another year of life. it was delightful.

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  am i parenting from pride or with purpose?

-  ask questions. ask follow-up questions. just ask.

-  getting my driver’s license was a breeze compared to the last time.

-  what feels like abandonment is often sanctification + refinement.

- think outside the box.

-  getting to the root cause of an issue is not only great for physical health, it’s beneficial for our whole wellbeing. when i react to something in a strong way, i have been asking myself why + what am i associating the experience with? it’s so helpful in keeping perspective, especially when the matter at hand is small potatoes. 


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