-  i miss blogging. i miss the way it used to be. so i'm attempting to blog my weekly musings again. this may be a one-time thing or i may continue it through the end of the year. social media is so loud right now, + i need a creative outlet away from all the arguing.

-  this podcast episode by allie stucky was wonderful. i really enjoyed the last half where she shares the birth stories of her children. she acknowledges that, yes, birth can be traumatic. and yes, God is sovereign over it all. 

-  i finished "the maidens" on audio this week. it’s pretty good! 4 stars.

-  iced coffee is my jam right now. 

-  odd fact about me: i love when parents post their kids’ first day of school photos! it brings me so much joy + i have no idea why. even before i had my own child, i still loved it. 

-  i had some highlights put in my hair. i am working my way back to blonde. the brunette was fine for a season, but it's time to be blonde again, lol.

-  "push" by matchbox twenty just came on, and i was immediately transported back to high school.

-  i'm sad the olympics are over, but the winter games start in six months, so that's a good consolation. i have fond memories of wearing my roller-skates around the house while i watched kristy yamaguchi in the olympics. 

-  this week marks three years since we moved into our home. still forever grateful.

-  grammar tip of the week: "each other" is two words.

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