MAY 2021


-  still drinking decaf coffee.
-  chamomile tea.
-  my new favorite snack: hard-boiled egg topped with sriracha.

listened to:
-  “love you like that” - dagny 
-  “jireh” - elevation + maverick city 
-  “we praise You” - bethel + brandon lake 
-  the popcast 

-  “siege of the remnant” - stefne miller [4 stars]
-  “all the missing girls” - megan miranda [2 stars]
-  “the last thing he told me” - laura dave [4 stars]
-  “no bad deed” - heather chavez [4 stars]
-  i wrapped up studying the book of ephesians. now onto galatians. 

-  “greenland” 
-  “to those who want me dead” 
-  “the woman in the window”
-  “jupiter’s legacy” 
-  anne bogel’s summer reading guide unboxing 

making me happy:  bookish podcasts  |  cool spring mornings  |  sleeping in on saturday mornings  |  lots of creative inspiration  |  social media breaks  |  watermelon + tajin  |  a great end to jackson’s school year   |  trying new dinner recipes  |  finishing a bullet journal + setting up a new one  |  windows open + chill evenings  |   camping with my boys 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  jackson surprised me with a plant, pens, + coffee mug for mother’s day.

-  jackson finished up preschool this month. he asked if i could take him to school on his last day + it was so cute. i am so grateful for his school + the answered prayer in finding it when we did.

-  we camped at spring lake RV resort on memorial weekend. 

-  i filled my bullet journal. this one went from september 2020 - may 2021. i started my new one and plan to use it through the rest of the year. i have so many creative ideas for documenting my days, and it gets me all nerdy excited. 

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  i am hopeless + helpless apart from Jesus, but His grace is sufficient.

-  i room a week-long social media break during the month. i made some small changes afterward, like no social media before work or after 9 pm. 

-  “God does not need your strength; He needs your availability.” [bob sorge] 

-  i am never more awkward than when i’m in an elevator. 


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