APRIL 2021


-  olipop. a delicious drink that's even good for you! 
-  spindrift sparkling water
-  decaf coffee. (i know, it's v shocking)
-  raspberry tea 

listened to:
-  “love you like that” - dagny 

-  "the good sister" by sally hepworth  //  4 stars 
-  i am wrapping up my study of ephesians. 

-  i finished season 4 of the crown. i have many, many thoughts! 
-  the falcon + the winter soldier on disney+ 
-  the wewoke documentary on hulu. 

making me happy:   root beer floats |  a book so good that i cannot stop thinking about it  |  rose bushes  | sleeping in on saturday mornings  |  creating with no intention of sharing  |  vanilla lattes after work  |  long evening walks while listening to an audiobook  |  camping  |  shopping with my mama 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  we replaced a tree in our front yard with a new blooming tree. it’s so pretty!

-  i mowed for the first time this month. it’s sorta therapeutic for me. 

-  we camped at cheney lake for a couple days. 

-  i was under the weather for a bit, so i got to work from home for a week. 

-  i started spring-cleaning our home this month. (so. much. dust.) 

- at the end of the month, we took a short camping trip to skiatook lake in oklahoma. it was a much needed mini-vacation. i even got to take a shopping trip with my mama, and it was amazing. 

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  decaf coffee is not actually that bad! i thought caffeine was playing a part in some health issues, but it’s not. i am still going to use the beans i have left + then i may keep some on hand for evenings cups of coffee. 

-  lest you think that because we have green thumbs because of our greenhouse- don’t be fooled. we planted a lot of seedlings + not many of them actually grew. oh well! we are trying another alternative for fruits + veggies.

-  i have been struggling with my wardrobe for the last couple of months. i am making a list of staples to have (black v-neck, well-made jeans, etc.) + deciding on what i actually like to wear instead of trends that fade after a season. 

-  i have been creating on a fun little project recently, but it’s nothing i’ll ever share publicly. not everything made needs to be shared with the world. there’s a freedom in this + i feel as though it makes my project that much better. 

-  mopping the floor is my new home-tending obsession. (it will never be as wonderful as vacuuming though.)


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