MARCH 2021


- homemade crunchwraps
- honeydew melons with tajin seasoning
- sooooo much sushi!
- i have made a point to start eating breakfast recently.
- lots of homemade chicken salad. 

listened to:
-  i am still listening to the newsworthy on a daily basis for news tidbits.
-  a few episodes of the relatable podcast by allie b. stuckey.
-  the 10 things to tell you podcast. 

-  "the royal we" - heather cocks + jessica morgan*  //  three stars
-  "into the drowning deep" - mira grant*  //  five stars! 
-  i started studying the book of ephesians. 

-  raya + the last dragon on disney+. this is such a cute movie! 
-  i started watching the crown on netflix. it's not something i will binge, but i still like it.
-  the harry + meghan interview. i have so many thoughts + will keep them to myself. 
-  the falcon + the winter soldier on disney+  - so good! 
-  kid 90 on hulu. it's a doc about soleil moon frye (punky brewster). it was okay.
-  operation varsity blues on netflix. this is about the college admissions scandal. so interesting!

making me happy:  spring blooms • the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso from SBs • hanging out at our fishing lease • lazy sunday afternoons • scrabble dates • spring weather • trying new dinner recipes • nights by the fire • thunderstorms • evening walks with jackson • lavender nail polish • tiktok • a really good pen • nature • bullet journaling • cozy sweatshirts 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  we ventured down to oklahoma for some family time + fishing + exploring. it was so fun! i also helped mom out with some taxes + bookkeeping work. 

-  i worked from home a couple days this month. 

-  we bought into a fishing lease for the year. we spent several evenings out there. i read a book while the boys went out on the water + fished. 

-  we spontaneously took a short trip back down to oklahoma one weekend. my SIL + her family came with us. it was one of my favorite mini-trips. we hung out at a coffee shop, sipping lattes + chatting. we stopped by to show them the life-sized optimus prime. we fished + explored some family property. and before we left, we ate pizza together, and of course we stopped by one more coffee shop. it was so delightful. 

-  jared + i celebrated six years of marriage! we took a short overnight camping trip to cheney lake. 

-  spring flowers started blooming + my soul is happy.

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  things are not always what they seem. i know this, of course. but i witnessed someone struggling this month. i have said on more than once occasion how this person never seems to have troubles or always has it “good”. and while i am not happy this person was struggling, i needed to see it firsthand that the things we assume + the things we see on social media are not a reflection of the whole picture. 

-  i am finding ways to work “smarter not harder” in my everyday life. whether that’s mapping out my weekly to-do list, putting my phone down to do small tasks that make a difference in the future, etc. 

-  you don’t need a gym membership to get an intense workout. just take luna on a walk + you’ll burn alllllllll the calories because homegirl is crazy. 

-  i MUST make a grocery list. it’s not possible for me to remember every little thing. i’ll inevitably forget one major item every single time. 

-  studying church history + theology felt so daunting when i began, but i am learning so much and how it shapes what i believe. 

-  practicing daily gratitude helps me focus my heart on the things that truly matter. 

-  did you know a macbook can get a virus? they’re not “supposed to” be able to get them, but mine somehow did. so i’m typing this whole post from my ipad. i’m also making a mental reminder to not put off writing these monthly until the last day of the month. i document my days pretty well in my bullet journal, but i don’t like rushing to get it posted. 

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