-  allllll the tacos
-  i drink black coffee, but i recently bought cinnamon dolce creamer + i add it to my chai lattes + it is the best.

-  dark chocolate bark with crushed pretzels + sea salt
-  birthday cake granola that i found at walmart.

listened to:
-  my take me back playlist

-  "if you only knew" by jamie ivey - [4.5 stars]
-  "gay girl, good God" by jackie hill perry - [5 stars]
-  "daisy jones + the six" by taylor jenkins reid - [4.5 stars]
-  "no filter: the inside story of instagram" - sarah frier - [4.75 stars] 
-  "forgotten God" by francis chan - [4.75 stars]

-  wandavision on disney+  (i am really enjoying this series!) 
-  the "framing britney spears" doc on hulu. (this was very eye-opening)
-  knives out (4 stars)
-  monster hunter (3.5 stars)

making me happy:   snow days  •  seventy degrees in february  •  sushi dates  •  evening walks in our neighborhood  •  phylicia masonheimer's weekly newsletter  •  homemade chai lattes  •  our luna girl           

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  the blog got a little makeover! 

-  we ate so much sushi this month! and tacos. 

-  i finished studying second thessalonians.

-  we had a three-day weekend that also ended up being a snow weekend. it was a delightful time with my boys.

-  other than the week of below-zero temperatures, i have stuck to my goal of walking in our neighborhood 4-5 times a week. sometimes i go by myself; other times, jackson tags along. it's fun either way + i love this little habit i've incorporated into my daily life.

-  we played a lot of board + card games this month. my current favs are sequence + rummikub. 

-  the chiefs may have lost the super bowl, but at least we had fun hanging out with my in-laws.

-  we celebrated valentine's day with a snow day. it was still really fun!

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  of the eleven books i've read so far this year, eight are non-fiction. WHO AM I?!

-  it is never fun to face sin, but it is necessary. i came to terms with some bitterness i have been harboring in my heart for the last three years. it had seeped into different areas of my life. but that's what bitterness does: it infiltrates our hearts and that trickles over to our minds + our actions. but our God doesn't just leave us in the mess, and i am humbled.

-  "don't be so afraid to make a mistake that you don't make a decision." my boss said this in a meeting, and it really stuck with me. i am always so worried about making mistakes that i often develop decision fatigue + apprehension. i am human. i am going to make mistakes. as long as i can admit to those mistakes, and learn from them, i'm doing something right.

-  if i have time to listen to an audiobook, and i opt for a podcast episode, that's my cue that it's time to DNF that book.

-  if someone doesn't have the same conviction as you on freedom issues, they are not "wrong"; they are just choosing differently. (this wasn't necessarily a realization i had, but more of a reflection on what i see in christian culture.)

-  i have wasted a lot of money on planners over the years. the bullet journal is the best method for me, hands down. it fulfills how i best operate: record, remember, reflect.

-  how do i rate books when there is content i don't agree with? bad language, graphic sex scenes (i skip over those), abortion, etc. do i let those things affect the final rating/stars i give the book? for example: i read daisy jones + the six this month. the book's focus is on a seventies rock band. what are seventies rock banks mostly known for? sex, drugs, + rock-n-roll. i'm just curious how other people go about this. i gave that book a 4.5 rating, but it's because the story was so clever + unputdownable. i clearly don't endorse the choices of the characters, but do we only read books with a proverbial 'G' rating? while those are few + far between, they can often be . . . meh. 

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