Monday, August 3, 2015


i read this quote recently + it has radically changed my daily life.

how much time and energy have i wasted on insignificant moments that have no value? this one life i have is far too precious and fleeting to let circumstances dictate my mood + emotions. [my time is better spent reading, writing, or fueling my creativity.]

instead- i make a conscious choice to look at a situation for what it is. most of the time, it's so minute in the grand scheme of all things. these days, people get offended about eeeeeeeverthing. let's channel that energy into something meaningful.

be the change you want to see instead of just complaining about how things need to change.


monday truths is a series on this little blog. we all need truth in our life. not fluff. not feel-good nonsense. but hard-hitting, soul-feeding, life-giving truth. each week, i will post a quote, scripture, or word of truth to get you started for the week ahead.

my hope is that you will remember these little tidbits of wisdom throughout your week when lemons or curve balls or whatever random object gets thrown your way because, hey - that's life.


this post became a pinterest gold mine! i have more views + pins on this image than any other posts combined! i have updated it with a new graphic to include the source. i cannot believe i made a graphic that ended up becoming so popular, only to not include my website on it. [humbled, party of one.] here is a new graphic for those who want it!


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