CURRENTLY | august 2015.

EATING  //  all the things. HA! but seriously though. i have gained over ten pounds since jared and i have been married. it's insane, y'all. we are trying to get back on track with healthier eating. motivation is what we need, and we're getting there.

WATCHING  //   hulu is AWESOME. like, what was i doing with my life? i am on the last season of gilmore girls! i really, really don't want it to end, so i am stretching it out as long as i can. we also watch 'rules of engagement' a couple nights a week. i think that show is hilarious!

READING  //  i am so excited because i got a library card! i haven't had one since i was in middle school, and i was just as giddy to get it as i was back then. i need book recs, people! when i'm at the gym, i need something to occupy my mind instead of OH MY GOODNESS, I'M GOING TO FAINT.

SIPPING  //  caramel frappunccino with a  double shot of espresso, no whipped cream. they are my jam, y'all.

WRITING  //  in my bullet journal. i am so dedicated to this creative system. i record almost anything and everything that happens throughout my day. it has been super helpful in my productivity as well as documenting everyday tasks to remember and reflect.

PLANNING  //  our trip to colorado! oh mylanta - i am ecstatic for this. i have never been to colorado. i know it's beautiful, but what i'm looking forward to the most is the weather. light sweaters, hollllaaaaa atcha girl.

MAKING ME HAPPY  //  that handsome hubs of mine. daily convos with my madre. being silly while grocery shopping. kind people at work. my co-workers. coffee. our dog, tyler. exploring wichita. hubs pulling over so i could take a photo of flowers. random talks as we run errands on saturdays. hardwood floors. peanut butter. my best friend asking me to be a bridesmaid! gilmore girls. a good workout. finding a cute pair of jeans for twenty bucks. movie nights with hubs and our friends. blogs + blogging. more coffee. and finally - the coming of fall. i haven't allowed myself to utter those words until recently. i want to enjoy this season. this literal season - summer. i don't want to always be looking forward to the next thing. i want to soak in the present and all its little beauties and happenings. but after mowing last week, i counted fourteen mosquito bites, so COME ON, FALL.


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