6 things i loved in january 2022.


1.  WORDLE!  i randomly saw a tweet about wordle + immediately went to google to find out what it was. i am so glad i did! this daily word game is SO FUN. it was a small highlight of each day (even while sick with covid!). 

2.  reading allllll the books.  i read five books this month! even more shocking for this self-professed audiobook lover: they were all physical books. 

3.  thursday grocery nights.  jared is in charge of dinner + the grocery shopping these days. he makes a weekly meal plan + does a grocery pickup. we have made it a family night, usually heading out east to pick up the groceries + coffee beans for the week. we also get a little sweet treat for the night. 

4.  the Lord’s faithfulness.  when i tell people the story that happened with a situation at work this month, i’m met with surprise + elation. there is no mistaking it for luck: He went before me + made a way. it was a seemingly small thing, but tiny miracles are still miracles. 

5.  reading in the greenhouse.  even though it's wintertime, the greenhouse can get pretty toasty, even on a 40-degree day. i curl up with a book + a cold brew. it's delightful. (and i get some good vitamin d!) 

6.  winter sunrises + sunsets.  i have approximately forty photos on my phone of various skies from my morning commute + sunsets through bare-branch trees. many times, i would utter out loud, “WOW”. they’re so stunning! 


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