weekly musings // 0026


+  i am on a 24-game winning streak at wordle

+  this week marks seven years since jared + i met. 

+  i finished reading the book, lagom. 4.75 stars

+  jackson went to the dentist for the first time this week. he did so well!

+  i shared a book review here.

+  we made a quick trip to oklahoma over the weekend. i'm not one to stay up late, but we talked with my parents until midnight + it was nice to reminisce. we stopped by my fav coffee shop in stillwater on our way home saturday afternoon. 

+  i have read five books in january! and they have all been physical books. i'm not sure the last time i finished an audiobook, which is so weird. just a few months ago, it was the only way i consumed a book. it partly due to the winter season + being inside a lot, but also a conscious attempt to slow down (and hold something other than my phone!) 


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