book review: HRH: so many thoughts on royal style.


elizabeth holmes 

>>  mini review:  in the fall of 2019, i read american royals. it catapulted me from uninterested to full-fledged royal obsessed. (not-so-fun fact: princess diana died on my 11th birthday, so that's where my mind always went when thinking of the royals. i have vivid memories of that birthday.) i started reading more about 'the firm' + then i binged all four season of 'the crown'. and here i am, reading about the history of royal fashion + how it tells a story. i would not call myself a fashionista, but i looooove celebrity fashion + street style! this book does a brilliant job of showcasing all facets of what the royals wear (and what they say when they wear it!) 

>>  what i liked:  the photos, of course! and i love how holmes shared each woman's story with thoughtful curation: the queen's childhood, diana's hospitality, kate's style evolution, + meghan's chic style.

>>  what i didn't like:  the overuse of the word, sartorial. like- multiple times on one page. overkill.  

>>  you might like this book if:  you love the royals + you love fashion.

>>  this book may not be for you if:  you don't like fashion or the royals. 

>>  read this if you liked:  the crown, fashion, the royal family.

ratings- (1-5; 1: mild/casually mentioned,  5: extreme)
language/sex/violence/drugs/drinking:  it's a book about fashion, so none. 

“the next time you pick out an outfit, stop to consider: what would you like your clothes to say about you?"

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