mini book reviews: Q1.


FEEL YOUR WAY THROUGH - kelsea ballerini

likes:  there were some beautiful lines of poetry.

dislikes:  kelsea + i have different worldviews, so some poems were not for me. 

3 stars

LAGOM - niki brantmark 

likes:  there are practical ideas for slower living + it was just an enjoyable book to read.

dislikes:  not really anything.  

4 stars

ADMISSION - julie buxbaum 

likes:  short chapters. the main character's sister. 

dislikes:  woke language + buzzwords. i don't need to know an author's political ideologies, especially in a YA book.
but also- i could not stop thinking about this book. i have no idea why!

3 stars

likes:  it's a book about books + reading. 

dislikes:  i didn't understand some of the comics, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

4 stars

REBEL HOMEMAKER - drew barrymore 

likes:  drew's stories, her list of favorite meals, and the behind-the-scenes photos from drew.

dislikes:  some of the recipes were not for me. and why does a cookbook have curse words in it?!

4 stars


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