weekly musings // 0030


+  i had monday off, so we camped at cheney lake for a day. jackson was getting over a cold, so we weren't sure we'd be able to go, but he started to feel better. sometimes nature is the best medicine. 

+  i have saved $299.89 this year by utilizing my local library. 

+  it is rare for me to DNF a book, but the comfort book by matt haig is one i could not finish. the format of the book is what drew me in, but its contents are full of self-centered advice that is so far from my worldview. it was just not for me.

+  “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” [annie dillard] 

+  i did not understand the appeal of reading a cookbook until i read rebel homemaker. now i want to read them all!

+  i started reading "liturgy of the ordinary". two chapeters in + this could already be a favorite of the year!

+  i don't want "hot takes" anymore. i want your viewpoint on an issue. a hot take pridefully garners attention while a viewpoint requires thought. (i'm about two second away from unpopular opinions as well. why must we feed our egos with more dissension?!) 

+  we walked about towne west square on saturday afternoon. it was a ghost town. but! we are very, very excited about the revitalization of the movie theater in the mall! 

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