6 things i loved in february 2022.


1.  NERDLE. and wordle. and globle. and quordle. they are little delights with my morning coffee.

2.  WFH SNOW DAYS.  we had several snowstorms this month. i am so grateful i was able to work from home on the days when the roads were bad. it made the snow much more enjoyable.

3.  MY AMAZON COAT.  it makes such a difference when you have proper winter gear. this coat kept me so warm during all the snow + cold temperatures.

4.  LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES.  i have driven by a little free library near my neighborhood for months, and we finally stopped by one evening. i found five new releases! jackson found a couple of kids books as well. we have since found another one to visit. we are big fans! 

5.  CAMPING.  we camped for only 24 hours on one of my long weekends off, and it was wonderful. the irony is the fact that there was snow on the ground. just a few days prior, we received almost six inches of snow and then it was 70º. welcome to kansas!

6.  DAILY PAGES.  i started using one page for each day in my bullet journal, as opposed to two pages for the entire week. i can now log my daily tasks more easily and also have space for gratitude. i love my bu-jo! 


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