weekly musings // 007


-  this week’s MVP = the weather. cool mornings + beautiful afternoons. it’s magical. 

-  i did something this week that i've never done before: i accidentally locked my keys in my car. i went the whole day oblivious to the fact that my keys were not in my purse. as i was leaving work, i could not find my keys + immediately knew what i had done. thankfully - just last weekend - i had absentmindedly thrown my remote start clicker in my purse, so all was well in the end. 

-  i bought these hanging prisms for the windows in our home. little rainbows fill the room + it makes me happy.

-  this tiktok page is such a vibe. take me there! 

-  i had a random idea for my blog's instagram page. i have thousands of photos on my phone + most of them are of flowers. i'm going to share all my floral photos in the feed. 

-  we had our first autumnal fire in the backyard. it was glorious! 

-  i am almost finished with gentle + lowly. not to sound dramatic, but this book has changed me. every christian should read this. 

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