recipes / foodie favs:

-  decaf pumpkin spice frapp
-  cold brew with sweet cream creamer
-  hot tea with local raw honey 

listened to:
-  the relatable podcast with allie b. stuckey
-  prayer in a noisy world - valerie woerner 

i started two books this month, but i'm not quite finished with them yet:

-  air force one (idk what it is about this movie, but i loved it!) 
-  shang-chi at the drive-in 

on the blog:

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  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  my family came up for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. it was so much fun to shop + hang out with them.

-  we went to the drive-in on a friday night to watch shang-chi (excellent movie!). we stopped by milkfloat on our way there + i got an iced decaf americano + a cupcake. it was a quintessential summer night. 

-   jackson started pre-k this month! he is loving school + i am grateful. 

-  fall is here. the temps are starting to cool down + it makes me so happy!

-  we went to the maize parade in our neighborhood + then walked over to the fall festival. it was so fun! i had a lovely massage + then the most decadent dutch oven blueberry cobbler.

-  jackson + i started taking evening walks again now that the weather is cooling down. 

-  our friends had covid and needed someone to watch their new puppy while they recovered. we agreed + he was such a tiny thing. 

-  the boys + my family took a trip to broken bow for the week. it was so fun. we stayed in a beautiful cabin + explored + ate delicious food. the best vacation!

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  i can work outside the home + also be a homemaker.  

-  making a daily habit of listing what i am grateful for is a good way to keep my mind grounded. 

-  motherhood is not my highest calling. i said what i said. [and while i'm at it -- can we stop using the term "full-time mom"? i get what's being said, but it's degrading to moms who work outside the home. we are not part-time moms.

-  our home can be both beautiful + functional. it is my goal for the next few months to make this a reality.

-  i have resolved that every time i go to pick up a shirt at a store, half of it could be missing. 

-  i am really bad at pool.

-  it's not "us vs. them". reject that mentality. lead with love.


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