weekly musings // 005

-  we had monday off, and i spent most of the day cleaning. it was a good day.

-  i randomly bought these hair ties + they work perfectly for holding a top knot in place.

-  i have a small goal for these final months of the year: make our home beautiful + functional. it can be both.

-  i'm trying to soak up these last days of summer while also dreaming of bonfires + cozy clothes.

-  i need 2 things before it gets cold: new boots + a new jacket. i ordered this jacket, but still looking for boots.

-  remember when we used to post our monthly goals on our blogs back in the day? maybe i'll bring that back. 

-  we took jackson to the drive-in on friday night. shang-chi was awesome. jackson fell asleep, of course, but we still had a lot of fun! we stopped by milkfloat on our way to the movies + enjoyed a sweet treat. i had an iced decaf americano + a cookie butter cupcake. jared had one of their homemade poptarts. it was a delightful evening. 

-  if you didn't know, i have a FB page for the blog. i share all the new blog posts there.

-  do i need an air fryer, y'all? 

-  jackson + i have started our evening walks again. he is so curious about everything + asks questions about the most random of things. it's a good reminder to stop + savor the little things. we notice more that way.  

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