weekly musings // 008


-  i really enjoyed this article from phylicia masonheimer about kids sitting through church. while we don't have jackson with us in every service, we let him come with us once a month. we started this earlier in the year + felt it was beneficial for him to learn how to sit in church. 

-  we took a vacation to broken bow lake with my family this week! it was so much fun. my parents ended up having to leave because my dad had some health issues, but we made the best of it + had fun for him. 

-  my brother + i played so many games of pool. it was great bonding time for us. (i also lost a lot, lol.) 

-  outdoorsy vacation > beach vacation

-  "one of the greatest uses of twitter and facebook will be to prove at the last day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time."  [john piper]

-  we finally bought a zoo membership. 

-  this tiktok account is giving me all the homesteading vibes. 

-  i drink an adrenal creamsicle every afternoon. it's so good! 

-  there is a situation in our life right now that has caused uncertainty in our future. in the past, i would have went into a tailspin. but this is a testament to the fruit in my life; to what God has done. He is faithful to provide. even if it all went to crap, i would still have His peace. knowing this made the news hit different. the enemy expected me to crumble, but i just said, "even so, it's all going to be okay." 

-  the sunday scaries are in full force today! 


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