weekly musings // oct 4th - oct 10th


-  i finished gently + lowly. five stars. all the stars. this will absolutely be a re-read for me.

-  i cannot tell you how many times i start to press "send" on a tweet, only to instead press "delete". i have lots of opinions about lots of things, but does anyone really need to know them? i shared my thoughts on abortion recently in my IG stories, but it's because i only saw one side being presented by christians who kept saying they were "in the middle". but when it comes to other topics, am i adding to the noise or am i presenting another viewpoint for others to consider? it doesn't really seem like anyone wants to listen to opposing thoughts these days. 

-  pro tip: when you bring collagen to work so you can have an adrenal creamsicle in the afternoon, make sure not to put it in a baggie. it will look like you're bringing drugs to work. 

-  the red river rivalry never ceases to stress me out. BOOMER! 

-  when fb + ig went down this week, i was glad. social media sites could use weekly outages if you ask me. (this is another reason i want to bring blogging back like it used to be. blogs never went down back in the day. and it was just more fun, too. it's why i moved my weekly musings posts back to the blog.)  

-  i ordered my 2022 powersheets this week! 

-  this week marked five years since the reverie transformed into luke's diner for the day. this was such a memorable morning, but i can't help but also think of how i had no idea i was pregnant with jackson at the time. 

-  my handwriting is in all caps, but i type in all lowercase.

-  those that scream the loudest are not always the majority.

-  we camped friday night + came home saturday evening. it was short, but we had a lot of fun.

-  i finished declutter like a mother. i found this book very helpful. i am slowly working my way throughout our home to get rid of the excess, and allie provided some insightful tips. i will say that some of the phrases she used made me roll my eyes, but i did like how she presents minimalism as not just having 2 spoons, 5 neutral sweaters, + 1 bowl, but as having purpose in the home. 

-  we went to the zoo on sunday afternoon + the weather was absolutely perfection. 

-  i forgot to mention this is last week's post, but i finally received my new winter coat! i completely understand all the hype around it now. i am going to be nice + warm this winter season. now if i could just find a new pair of booties. 

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