weekly musings // 0010

-  i had the day off on monday. i took jackson to school, sipped a latte, + relaxed. after i picked him up, i made lunch + prepped food for the week. it was a delightful day off.

-  i had two meetings at work on tuesday, and it made me feel very bougie.  

-  if you've been following me since the blogging days, you might remember my sock curls. i decided to try it out again. i have never in my life received more compliments on my hair (or anything for that matter, lol) than i did this week. 

-  one of my biggest pet peeves is when people pronounce the work "picture" as "pitcher". for example:  "let me see that pitcher." so cringe. are we at a baseball game? are you thirsty? lol.

-  jackson had a pumpkin hunt at his school this week. he was so excited. jared helped him carve it over the weekend. this time of year is so fun!

-  i made the cutest reel on IG

-  we ventured to downtown ICT on friday night. we ate at district taqueria. if you're local to wichita, you must get their queso. it's so unique! i also had a potato taco that changed my life. we headed to milkfloat afterward for some coffee (iced americano for me!). we then attempted to go to botanica, but half of wichita was there, so we opted for the wild lights at the zoo. it was a really fun evening. (and the weather was perfection.) 

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