weekly musings // 0011


-  i had a cold that kept me down this week, so there aren't a lot of musings. 

-  you know that smell when you first turn your heater on? it is in my top five of favorite smells. i love it so much!

-  this episode of crime junkie with amanda knox was informative + eye-opening.

-  i made another reel on IG. (this is so fun!) 

-  "you can't expect God to be your source of peace if the world is the source of your satisfaction."

-  jackson was "star of the week" at school. he was soooooo excited! 

-  how can one's football team be 8-0 + it still feels bad? lol. 

-  i am on a mission to extend the time in between washing my hair. right now, it's every two days. my goal is every five days.


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