weekly musings // 0012


-  i bought a pack of film for my instax camera so we could use it over the weekend. i let jackson snap a few photos. it was fun to use it with him. we got some cute polaroids from our afternoon at the lake. 

-  after using my instax, i now want to get out my film camera. my grandma gracie left if for me after she went to be with Jesus. i used it once + loved the slowness of the whole process. i think i may need to dust it off + give it a try again.

-  most people may think grief happens in the moments following a loss. but it can also be little moments of silent grief- like filling out a form for jackson's school, + when i got to the question, "how many siblings do i have?" - writing 'zero' made me sad.  

-  i have been drinking this tea with a big spoonful of honey. it's delicious.

-  i have had some lower back pain this week. this is 35, i guess.

-  cinnamon candy > peppermint candy 

-  halloween is one of my favorite nights in our neighborhood. (the fourth of july is my favorite.)  we all get together + walk around with our kids + it seems so simple, but i absolutely love it. 

-  we took one last camping trip for the season. the boys + i has so much fun! we hiked, sat by a campfire, made s’mores, + enjoyed the cool weather.

-  i normally post a recap of the month on the blog, but now that i am posting musings from the week, it feels unnecessary to recap what i've already posted. idk. maybe i'll change my mind. that's the beauty of this space: it isn't for anyone but me. yes, i share it for all to see, but at the end of the day, it's mine to curate + create. 

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