Wednesday, January 4, 2017


my word for twenty-fourteen was lionhearted
my word for twenty-fifteen was surrender.
my phrase for twenty-sixteen was worship wildly.
for twenty-seventeen: little by little.


procrastination is my close friend. it's not something i beat myself up over, but i tend to fall on the drastic side of putting everything off. later turns into tomorrow- which becomes next week. and so on and so forth. i say it's procrastination, but let's call it what it really is: laziness.

this year, instead of putting off this or that until later, i am starting a daily/weekly/monthly practice of little by little. this small practice creates less stress and more time for what matters. chaos turns into simplicity. little by little adds up when i take it day by day. creating small habits will produce a lifestyle that isn't made up of tomorrows and laters and next weeks.

daily tasks look like praying. drinking lots of water + taking vitamins. taking 15-20 minutes each day to straighten up the house + tidy the kitchen. documenting my day in my life planner.

weekly tasks include spreading the laundry out a few days of the week instead of all day on saturdays. working an extra half hour a couple times a week to get caught up at work. studying the bible. fuel my creativity by taking a walk or snapping photos of nature.

monthly tasks are tackling the clutter in our home, room by room. taking a few hours at the end of the month to work through my powersheets + reflect. prepare for baby keimig! blog a couple times.

of course, there's grace for everything. i just beat myself up so much last year because i felt like a loser wife. our home was never in order because i wanted to netflix + chill after work each night. by creating these small habits, progress develops in every area of my life - marriage, faith, work, home, finances, goals, etc.

what is your word or phrase for this year?

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