2 0 1 6 // a photo review

 the arrival of spring  //  beautiful blooms in a random parking lot  //  botanica
again- parking lots can have really pretty florals  //  exploring botanica  //  summer flowers
rose  //  sunflowers  //  pretty blooms from husband

 dancing the night away at a wedding  //  at another wedding
hanging out in the backyard with the pups  //  we are having a baby!

 verita coffee  //  ecclesia coffee  //  kind coffee
latte by hubs  //  luke's diner!  //  another delicious latte from hubs
craft coffee  //  ecclesia coffee  //  aspen coffee

 hiking in colorado  //  silly selfies with milo  //  hiking gem lake in colorado
camping selfie  //  lake selfie  //  spring selfie
exploring coronado heights  //  pretty haircut  //  i'm on top of the world- actually, just a bench.

tyler + milo  // a white easter  // downtown wichita
beautiful colorado  //  tulips  //  bits of fall at the lake
watching the sunset with hubs at cheney  //  lattes: his + hers  //  bumblebee!


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