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highlights + happenings:

-  binged on all my favorite shows because we finally got cable.
-  shared my phrase for twenty-sixteen: worship wildly.
-  witnessed this sweet moment between hubs and the neighbor kids.


highlights + happenings:

-  we tried a new coffee shop -- ecclesia -- in wichita. it has turned into our favorite spot!
-  a random saturday morning turned into a memorable day. we were drinking lattes at one of our favorite coffee shops in wichita. he looked at me and told me he wanted to make some memories that morning. so we perused around the art museum for awhile. and then he took me to botanica. it was in the middle of winter, so there were no blooms. but it was still magical.
-  february is where my months of sickness began. it was one thing after another. there were days when i wondered if i'd always be sick and weary and down.


highlights + happenings:

-  spring began its beautiful entrance this month. jared and i spent a beautiful saturday morning at botanica.
-  i randomly decided to cut four inches off my hair. it was so freeing.
-  husband and i celebrated our one year anniversary, which happened to fall on easter this year. we woke up to a winter wonderland.


highlights + happenings:

-  i was a bridesmaid in my soul sistah's wedding! jared and i danced the night away and drank so much good coffee while in OKC.
-  april was really rough in terms of health. but there was also healing. i did recap bits + pieces of the month on the blog.


highlights + happenings:

-  i was looking thru my phone + social media accounts. i kinda disappeared in the month of may.
-  lots of sunshine + iced coffee.
-  hubs and i camped a few times this month.


highlights + happenings:

-  i consumed so many chai lattes this month. i was up to three a day at one point!
-  walked around botanica after a stressful day. floral therapy is a thing in my world.
-  attended a wedding, which means -- CAKE!


highlights + happenings:

-  traveled to beautiful colorado at the beginning of the month. we celebrated the fourth of july there as well.
-  i learned a valuable lesson this month: leave work at work.
-  this month, i began my monthly me-time. this usually looks like a few hours of writing, painting, photographing, blogging, etc. it is so beneficial for all areas of my health. it spills over into my marriage + friendships + work life.


highlights + happenings:

-  jared + i watched the olympics. we stayed up too late every night cheering for the US + it was easily one of my favorite memories from the summer.
-  hubs and i binged hard on stranger things. we are huge fans of that series!
-  God divinely intervened with our healthcare this month. we found our new doctor, and i will forever be grateful.
-  celebrated + welcomed my thirties!


highlights + happenings:

-  started working in the nursery at church! BABIES.
-  participated in the blogtember challenge.
-  random tidbits from the month:  hubs + i camped a couple times, cooked enough spaghetti to feed sixteen people, took a day trip up north, baked the best cookies evah, started watching parks + rec for the first time (!), and i got one step closer to my wish of the 90s coming back: i bought a choker.


highlights + happenings:

-  i really made a point to start cooking more this month. lots of pasta, but hey- better than frozen meals!
-  i enjoyed a salted caramel latte at luke's diner!
-  went to my first hockey game. the wichita thunder didn't win, but we had so much fun.
-  a normal monday ended as the day that i learned my life was changed forever - i found out i was pregnant!


highlights + happenings:

-  after months of anticipation, i watched the gilmore girls revival. i still have major feelings about it all.
-  we celebrated thanksgiving in oklahoma with my family. jared experienced his first oklahoma earthquake!
-  hubs + i announced our pregnancy to the world!


highlights + happenings:

-  while making dinner one night, i randomly had the biggest craving for a burger, fries, + peanut butter shake. jared was so sweet to drop what he was doing to go get it for me. the weirdest part was that i specifically craved a peanut butter milkshake, and i've never had one in my life. ha!
-  watched rogue one + passengers in theaters. both were really good.
-  celebrated christmas with both of our families. there was a moment when i looked at jared and realized this was our last christmas- just the two of us. i got a little emotional about it because only two christmases ago, i was single + wondering if i'd ever marry. God is so incredibly faithful.

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