everyday moments: the sweetest thing.

jared and i were putting the groceries up earlier this evening. it was a beautiful day, with temps in the high sixties (in january - praise the Lord!) we let the boys (our dogs, tyler + milo) out to play. i grabbed another bag of groceries from the table, and as i looked up, i noticed the neighbor kids were trying to get the dogs' attention. it was cute. milo was a little scared, not sure what to think. ty was eating it up - he loves anyone and everyone.

and then the sweetest thing happened.

jared walked outside and scooped up milo. he took him to the fence and talked to the kids for about five minutes. be still, my heart. it was so cute and kind of him to appease those kids' affection for our dogs.

i snapped the photo above as he was chatting with them. a smile formed across my face as i took in this sight. society tells us to marry someone who checks all the superficial boxes. but i say marry a man who is kind, generous, hilarious, and will stop what he's doing to take his puppy to the neighbor kids so they can pet + play with him.


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