Wednesday, January 27, 2016

weekly musings.

//  ohhhh, that cute face gets me every. single. time.

//  current favorite blog: design for mankind

//  can we fast forward to spring now?

//  i've had a recent surge of creativity, which i partially attribute to happiness from my new job.

//  this pin describes how i feel perfectly.

//  it never fails: i ALWAYS leave my to-go box on the table of a restaurant.

//  i can't tell you how many times i've jumped in my chair while watching the blacklist.

//  i'm stoked about serial, season two.

//  did you catch my 2015 photo review?

//  amber's monthly book link-up, collaboreads, is one of my favorites.

//  the cheese danish at starbucks is my JAM.

//  jess connolly's #nofilternewsletter is SO, SO GOOD. you need (yes, NEED) to subscribe.

//  while you're at it, go subscribe to amber's thursday love letters, too.

//  i've decided to participate in a photo-a-day challenge in 2016. follow along HERE.

//  one year ago today, i got a message on the dating app that read, "99% match is pretty good." one year later, i am doing life with that man by my side. all a GOD thing!

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