Wednesday, January 20, 2016

currently // january twenty-sixteen


vanilla lattes + peppermint mochas + shots of espresso + the occasional double-shot caramel frappuccino when it gets above fifty degrees because it's like a heat wave after several days of frigid, single-digit temps.


ugh. i literally have five books checked out right now. i haven't touched them at all. lesson learned: check out one book at a time, sistah.


- binging on the blacklist because ohhhh myyyy gooodnesssss.
- brooklyn nine-nine, chicago pd, and law & order: svu (can ya tell we finally got cable?)
- the shannara chronicles (jared and i watch this together. tuesday nights = cuddling + tv time)


- all the spring flowers. now that i live in wichita, i absolutely cannot wait for springtime because there are beautiful parks and the botanica gardens that i can explore and take too many photos of flowers.
-  inspiration for my 2016 board.


-  casting crowns' new live album
-  "to know Your name" - hillsong
-  still jammin' to this spotify playlist at work


our saturday morning breakfasts at verita coffee co. taco nights. vanilla lattes. my job! wildly worshipping my Savior. watching tyler and milo play in the backyard. my new bu-jo planner. powersheets. sharpie pens. snapchat. vanilla and lavender. sunday afternoon naps. slouchy sweaters.

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