Tuesday, January 5, 2016

a month in review // december 2015


-  we got our baby milo this month!
-  i started my powersheets prep for the new year.
-  jared and i started a saturday routine of brunch at our favorite coffee shop.
-  a caramel macchiato + a tyler bear + a pretty christmas tree.
-  we stopped to snap a few [dozen] photos of the life-sized optimus prime near my hometown.
-  selfie under the pine tree like old times.
-  when i visited my family, i made sure to carve out time to explore the pasture.
-  our first christmas together!
-  two words: STAR WARS.


-  jared and i spent our first christmas together. i was very emotional about it because i never imagined the sweet, God-breathed path i would take throughout 2015. jared is the man i have always desired to have as a helpmate. he's kind and hilarious and loves me for me. aaaaaand now i'm getting all teary-eyed again.

-  what was just a random tuesday turned out to be the day we got our baby milo! jared played hookey from work to spend time with me since i was starting a new job the following day. we had been discussing getting a puppy, but decided to wait. i dropped off the rest of my things at the credit union [bye, felicia] and when i got back in the truck, jared told me he found beagle puppies for a really good price. whaaaaat? are we really going to do this? YEP, sho' nuff. milo was the second pup we held and knew he was ours that very moment he was in my arms. [that sounds so cheesy, but it's the truth!] the last month has been full of laughter and lots of pee. but seriously, he's the best addition to our little family. he and tyler are the best of friends.

-  after lots of tearful prayers, i finally started my new job! i am a bookkeeper at an accounting office - just like i was for 10+ years with my grandma. i am elated, y'all. i have my own office. how cool is that?! and best of all - no more customer service and rude people and all the other stuff that doesn't matter anymore. hallelujah!

-  my parents came up to watch the christmas concert at church. the bass player in the praise band is really hott.

-  jared and i hosted a friends' christmas party in our home. it was so much fun! we played a few rounds of catchphrase, which brought out the competitive side of me i'm always warning jared about. ha!

-  we watched the new star wars + i had the best turkey burger of my life + i was there with my hunky husband + it was one of my favorite date nights ever.

-  i tried huhot for the first time. it was delicious! i got the spiciest sauce on the menu and felt like a fire-breathing dragon for awhile. then we got lattes and drove around looking at christmas lights the rest of the evening.

-  i watched christmas vacation for the first time. everyone kept asking me why i had never watched it before, and i just wanted to reply, "i don't KNOW, margo."

-  jared and i took a little roadtrip down to oklahoma to see my fam-bam. it was so nice to see them + laugh + hang out for the day. i sure miss them, but it makes those times we do spend together that much more special.


-  not all coupons mean a good deal. like when you go in wanting highlights and come out looking like legolas about to fight some orcs. elf princess chic, minus the ears.

-  real christmas trees are amazing.

-  when you are unhappy at your job, keep applying + applying. God is faithful to provide.

-  at almost thirty years old, i will never be too old for chocolate milk.

-  beanies are great when you don't want to do your hair, but still look cute. so basically i lived in beanies for the last two weeks of december. (and probably for the next three months.)

the idea of it -vs- it. [so true!]


"ever be" - bethel music
"good good father" - casting crowns version
this playlist on spotify

binge-worthy shows:
how to get away with murder
the blacklist

movies watched:
vacation - * star (the language was no bueno)
christmas vacation - ***** stars (now i know why it's a classic!)
star wars - i'll let this tweet speak for my feelings.

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