Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2 0 1 5 >> A PHOTO REVIEW


valentine's day with my man  //  our vegas elopement  //  bliss
magical  //  total nerds  //  coffee date at verita
birthday trip to the mountains  //  vacay pose  //  our first christmas 


blooms on the front porch  //  spring delights  //  random flowers in a parking lot
beautiful flowers  //  summer blooms  //  flowers in colorado
weird flower at the lake  //  sunflowers by the water  //  flowers from my lover 


raindrops  //  sunset and dead blooms  //  spring delights
palm trees in vegas  // greens at the zoo  //  weird flowers at the lake
dead sunflowers  //  fall leaves in our backyard  //  pine cones 


i said YES!  //  ahhhh, such a fun moment  //  my tyler bear
adventuring in colorado  //  fishing  //  visiting the fam bam in oklahoma
baby milo  //  selfie under the pine tree  //  epic moment 


our first date!  //  pretty ring and spring florals  //  downtown wichita
camping  //  PENGUINS!  //  the drive-in
mountains  //  saturday mornings at verita  //  optimus prime 

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