Tuesday, December 1, 2015

weekly musings.

//   i've come to the realization that blogging regularly is not going to happen anytime soon.

//  periscope is my new favorite thing right now. i haven't recorded anything, but i love jess connolly.

//  jared and i have been married for eight months. EIGHT. MONTHS. blows my mind, y'all.

//  at any given time, i have five to seven tubes of lipstick, balm, etc. in my purse.

//  I FINALLY GOT A NEW JOB! i start tomorrow. [no more customer service for me!]

//  sometimes i have to remind myself that it's just a moo point.

//  jared makes the best lattes. one day we will own a coffee shop. we'll sell cake, too. #iheartcake

//  we bought a puppy! his name is milo.

//  i am so, so excited about our first christmas together.

//  i am obsessed with this pinterest account right now.

//  this video on bullet journaling is everything!

//  how is it already december first?!

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