happy bits.

//  when i interviewed for my new job, i walked in the house to these beauties. jared was so excited about my interview that he bought me celebratory roses. two hours later, i got the job offer!

//  tyler bear. i call him that because he's just a big teddy bear. he is such a great dog - super chill, loves everyone, and is our new puppy's best friend.

//  my baby milo. look at him! ahhh, those eyes. he is adjusting so well to his new life with us. he is constantly making me laugh. the first couple days were different for me because i've never had a puppy, so it was kind of like having a baby - up every two hours, crying, etc. but by the weekend, he was getting more comfortable with his new surroundings.

//  my first real tree ever! picking out and decorating a christmas tree with my husband is something i did not take for granted this year. it's our first christmas together. when we were dating, i mentioned how lonely i had felt last christmas. when the holiday season started, he remembered that conversation and said, "now you'll never have to celebrate christmas and thanksgiving alone anymore." cue all the heart eyes and happy tears.


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