Tuesday, February 2, 2016

a month in review // january twenty-sixteen

-  our sweet baby milo gave us lots of laughs this month. he is growing so fast!
-  jared brought me chick-fil-a and a latte at work.
-  hubs know how much i love flowers, so he insists we buy fresh flowers every week.
-  i am completely 100% obsessed with starbucks' cheese danish.
-  sunset at the lake.
-  the art museum!
-  my stormtrooper coin bank. [target, you get me.]
-  our backyard is one of my favorite places in wichita.
-  one year since our first date!


-  THE BLACKLIST. ohhhhh. myyyyylantaaaa. this show. it is good. really good. i would get so entranced and then BAM! something crazy would happen, and i would jump ten feet out of my seat. intense, y'all.

-  on one of our regular saturday mornings at verita, jared wanted to go on spontaneous adventures all day. oooookkkkay, why? - i asked. because i know it will make you happy. #allthehearteyes. we walked around the art museum and then headed over to botanica so i could take pictures. it was the best saturday!

-  my family came up to visit that same saturday evening. we went to red robin, and i ordered the turkey burger and it was ahhhhhmazing. after dinner, we took them to a coffee shop, and as we were waiting for our lattes, i hear my brother quietly say, "so. many. hipsters." i almost cried from laughter.

-  we saw star wars. again. still just as good as the first time.

-  we hosted a friends' game night. we bought jackbox.tv on our ps4. it was so fun!

-  i am still really liking my job. dare i say - i LOVE it. when i moved to wichita, i wanted a fresh start in my career. i was a bookkeeper for ten years. there had to be something better out there, right? nope. when i found the job opening for a bookkeeper in valley center, i applied immediately and haven't regretted it once. praise the Lord!

-  this month marks one year since our first date. oh mylanta, y'all. my eyes are filling with tears just thinking about the last year of my life. God is faithful to provide. i remember listening to this song when jared and i began dating. i wanted God to make it crystal clear that the decisions i was making were for His glory and my good.


-  check out ONE book at a time. at one point, i had five books checked out. y'all, i didn't read any of them. i got overwhelmed and the holidays came and before i knew it, they were due. (after i had renewed them. twice.) one book, homegirl.

-  honey peanut butter > regular peanut butter

-  it's okay if i don't go forward with my original idea of posting every photo on instagram for my 366 project. ultimately this goal was to get me to take more photos - to worship my Savior by sharing my talent, but it turned into a guilty-fest. i have decided to not post every single photo on social media, but instead on the blog. i will post weekly, which still keeps me accountable, but it just feels like less pressure to perform and deliver.

-  the flu sucks.

-  i am so incredibly thankful for the ark. it is so life-giving. my word for the year has a lot to do with my church. i'll be sharing more on this in weeks to come.

-  sharpie pens are the best invention since sliced bread. [and regular sharpies.]

-  when your screen is locked on your phone and you get notifications/emails/etc - you can swipe left to delete or clear them off. this is an awesome little trick that makes me happy for some odd reason.

-  evernote is great for adding reminders, to-do's, and random thoughts.


-  document every day in my bu-jo planner. i have blogged about bullet journaling before. i have perfected the system to meet my needs by recording my life in a planner as opposed to a blank journal. that's why i love bullet journaling. it's effective, yet you can mold it to your needs easily.

-  read one book. HA. nope. (for what it's worth - it's the second day of the month and i'm halfway through one of my books for february. so HOLLA ATCHA GIRL.)

-  finish powersheets prep and finish january planning. guys, i barely completed this goal last week. i know some women who had theirs finished by january first. but as amy poehler says, "good for her. not for me."

-  blog.  worship wildly  //  a month in review  //  currently  //  weekly musings  //  everyday moments

-  document photo-a-day project. it was a lofty goal. one that i could attain, i suppose. but it kinda takes away from the project. sharing every single day is exhausting. and when i got behind, i felt embarrassed that my followers knew. ughhhhhhh. "my followers" is an obnoxious term. here's the thing: i don't want social media to become this thing that holds me back from fully living and worshipping. it was. it did. so i will find a balance. because Jesus doesn't care about the photos, but the heart behind it all.

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