february 2016 goals.

//  continue to document daily life in my bu-jo planner.  this is going to sound strange, but now that i am married and my mama is over two hours away, i have to adult without her reminding me of important things, like appointments and such. my brain hasn't fully grasped this task, so writing everything down helps me to remember what i need to do and what i have done. [mama, if you're reading this: thank you for always keeping track of every little thing for me. i love you.]

//  work on powersheets for february.  and (unlike last month) maybe do the prep before the last week of the month? maybe. "focus on little by little progress, not perfection." -lara casey.

//  read two books.  right now, i'm reading the selection. up next: wildflowers by drew barrymore.

//  scripture study + Jesus time.  this is vital to my life. i need to read His Word and seek Him in all things.

//  continue my photo-a-day project.  document on the blog, possibly.

//  celebrate leap day!  just because. :)

//  journal through kenzie's prompts.  i wanted to start this at the beginning of the year, but i'm learning to not try to do all the things because i'll just get overwhelmed and have yet another unfinished task.


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