Thursday, February 11, 2016

a color story | review

hey, party people!

last month, the ladies + gents of a beautiful mess released their new photo-editing app, a color story. i am a huge fan of elsie + emma. ABM was the first blog i started following religiously. i was so inspired that i started a blog of my own shortly after discovering there was a whole blogging community i never even knew of. when they released their photoshop actions a couple years ago, i was ecstatic. [i reviewed them HERE.]

now they have released a photo-editing app. hollaaaaaaa. i immediately downloaded and purchased all the filter packs, which is seriously such a good deal. [i say this as a photographer, not a fangirl. i have seen people complain about the in-app purchases. #byefelicia. people always want free crap, which comes at the expense of a creative's talent. giving talent away for free cheapens it. plus, ABM is a business. c'mon - it's the price of a medium pizza or a venti-sized latte. a killer deal, for real.]

i have been playing around with the app for days. i edited the photos below with the new app.

edited with "cool down" from the CHROMA pack at 75%.

edited with "peony" from the DEEP pack at 100%. 

edited with "cool + bright" from the ORGANIC pack at 100%.

edited with "fresh air" from the FRESH pack at 100%.

 edited with "classic black" + "pop" from the (free!) ESSENTIALS pack. 

edited with "nightowl" from the BOHO pack + "leak 6" from the LIGHT LEAKS pack (effects).

they also released another app a couple years ago called party party. see my review here.

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