Wednesday, March 15, 2017

pregnancy: month six.

DUE DATE:  june 22, 2017
WEEKS:  22 - 26
TRIMESTER:  second
GENDER:  boy!


is a growing belly considered a symptom? hahahaha. kidding. i can no longer fit into any pre-pregnancy shirts. it's getting a little harder to bend down to pick things up. and let's not discuss the difficulty i have when trying stand up after i've been sitting on the floor.

this has nothing to do with pregnancy, but i caught a nasty cold around week 23. i was so miserable because i'm limited to benadryl and tylenol. it was one of the worst colds i've had. i also developed allergies apparently? i'm finally starting to kick them, but the past week was very snotty + sneezy.


-  give me all the ice cream in the world.
-  chick-fil-a. i don't feel guilty in the least because they are the Lord's calories.
-  orange juice.
cheerios medley crunch.


oh, mylanta. this is the best part of pregnancy for me. theeeee absolute best. baby boy moves a lot now. i have started seeing his kicks and punches when i'm sitting at my desk. i will never get over being able to feel our baby wiggle + move around.


pregnancy insomnia is still a thing. it usually occurs between two and three in the morning and lasts for about thirty to forty-five minutes. i've learned to utilize these moments by praying.

i also get uncomfortable a lot. i've learned that i cannot sleep with pants on anymore. [tmi?] and i get hot during the night. [this is not normal for my always cold self.]


like i mentioned before, i cannot wear any of my pre-pregnancy clothes anymore- with the exception of a few t-shirts. i'm still wearing the maternity pants i bought at ten weeks. i bought this hoodie from target, and it is soooo comfy. the problem i have with most maternity clothing is that it is sooooo long. i know it's supposed to cover the growing belly, but why are maternity shirts made to cover me from head to toe?


my baby shower next month! starting on the nursery. hearing his heartbeat at my next appointment.

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