Friday, March 17, 2017

weekly musings || 3.17

-  we are going camping this weekend. i am so excited to relax at the lake for the night + hang out with family.

-  i couldn't believe the number of strollers/car seats/baby items there are when i was registering in target. and then i went to register at babies-r-us. holy moly, talk about overwhelming!

-  you guys. i dropped my macbook last night. it's going to cost $300 to fix the screen. [insert crying emoji]

-  one of my favorite little girls came up to me at church, looked at my growing belly and exclaimed, "amber, you're starting to have a baby!" hahahaha!

-  i have the hardest time with writing the beginning paragraph of blog posts. it shouldn't be that difficult.

-  i totally forgot today was st. patty's day. but i must have subconsciously knew because i still wore green. 

-  i tried the new iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato from starbucks recently. verdict: eh.

-  only one more month of tax season! i have really enjoyed learning all about income tax this year.

-  i cannot wrap my brain around the fact that i start the third trimester very soon. time is a funny thing.

-  does anyone else find it weird that bloglovin' now lets you know when people have read your posts?

-  when one of my FB friends posts that they started selling [this or that], i immediately unfollow them. harsh?

-  someone informed me i looked like i was pregnant with a basketball. umm... thanks?

-  in case you missed it on the blog this week, i shared my bullet journal + my sixth month of pregnancy.

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