a month in review // may 2017

salted caramel latte. lake vibes. pretty flowers on a nature trail.
flowers from my niece. new flair pen colors! iced chai.
pretty flowers at work. baby bump at 33 weeks. milo bean.


//  we took one last big camping trip to big hill lake before baby gets here. i was a little nervous because - hello, i'm eight months pregnant. walking to the fridge exhausts me, so how am i going to keep up with everyone on hikes and such? i'm happy to report that i was a trooper. our trip was so fun. the weather was ahhhhhmazing - probably the best camping weather we've ever had.

//  i felt my first braxton hicks. i was walking out of target, and BAM. it took me until the next day to realized what they were. i downed lots of water, and they improved by the end of the weekend.

//  jared + i took a small road trip to my hometown for a baby shower my mama threw for me at the church i grew up in. it was a blast to get to see everyone again. we also stopped by aspen coffee shop so i could get a chai latte because they have the best ever!

//  i had another baby shower at work. i felt so spoiled! we ate at on the border, and then came back for cake + presents. we ended up hanging out in my boss's office all afternoon, and it was so fun to celebrate with my work girls.

//  jared + i took a tour of the hospital where i am giving birth. it was kinda surreal to see it all, knowing we will be there in a matter of weeks to meet our son.


::  when i tell people i'm opting for a natural birth, i always thought i'd get positive responses. guys- i've received maybe a handful of people encouraging me in this decision. the rest were negative in some way or another. i obviously don't need people to affirm me on this. i have jared + my doctor + my doula + the Lord to do that. but goodness, i was a little bummed by the lack of support.

::  i have maybe two pairs of matching socks these days thanks to a really cute, but really naughty beagle baby.

::  finding a cheap glider for the nursery is not at easy as i thought it'd be. slap the term "nursery glider" on a normal chair, and all of a sudden the price is double what it would normally be. but we finally found such a great deal after searching over five different stores.

::  when i set book goals, it's easier to pick out the book(s) i want to finish first. instead of "read two books" this month, i specifically separated the goal into two parts: finish "chasing slow" and read ina may's guide to childbirth.


[monthly goals]

-  schedule hospital tour. 
-  finish "chasing slow".  //  i'm alllllmost finished with this book. it's one that has to be savored. 
-  order crib, bassinet, and changing table/dresser.
-  start ina may's 'guide to childbirth'.  //  i started this book, but haven't finished it yet.
-  post on instagram stories.
-  send out baby shower 'thank you' notes.  //  blahhhhh. i know it's polite, but sheesh.

[weekly goals]

-  powersheets check-in.

[daily goals]

-  little by little.
-  eclp dailies.
-  water + vitamins.  //  i did so well this month!


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