big hill lake.

 i cannot wait to take this little dude camping + fishing.

 i have a keen flower detector. these were hidden on a trail, but i spotted them as we walked by.

 vacay pose!

 my niece picked flowers + of course i had to photograph them.

 33 weeks!

 this was where our campsite was - nestled in these beautiful trees with so much beautiful light.

 black + white

 my sweet niece snapped these photos.

 33 weeks

looking up

jared + i took one last big camping trip before baby get here next month. [side note: oh, mylanta. i'm having a baby next month. send all the ice cream, please.] we camped at big hill lake in southern kansas. the weather was perfect. we hiked- yes, even me, at eight months pregnant. we fished + laughed + relaxed + had the best time. i cannot wait to take our little man camping!


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